My days with Chrome

6 12 2008

I have been using Chrome as my secondary web browser since it’s been released. Yeah, you’ve got it right, I have said secondary. It lacks lot of features that has been long time available in Firefox, I can understand it’s still in beta and Google’s been working on the killer features.

What I like about Chrome is that it’s got better response time than any other browser I ve used till date. It’s insanely fast for my usage, but I personally feel it can’t be my mainstream browser unless it comes with my most used features like Keywords in bookmarks, plug-in support, toolbar support. In work days I use quite a few keywords for accessing some my official intranet information. Lack of plug-in support in Chrome makes me feel incapacitated. I also fail to understand why Chrome was not released with Google Toolbar, which I use for having my bookmarks online. I hope the next major release will have most of these features. So till then, Firefox prevails as my mainstream browser.



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