Mobile Number Portability in India

2 08 2008

This is really a great news for Indian mobile users. I have just got to know about this through CNN-IBN. The news is that TRAI has released its plan for 3G spectrum auction and Mobile Number Portability(MNP). What that means to us is that we could change the service provider while still preserving the same number, that is you have the privilege to own the number and the number is no more bound to an operator.

From what I know, we could actually have MNP by mid of 2009, however I am very skeptical about the time line for MNP since TRAI has been speaking about this for almost two years now, yet nothing has happened. As per the today’s announcement, TRAI proposes a plan to divide the country into two zones for deploying the MNP.

The other part of the announcement is about the 3G spectrum auction. You could find more information on the announcement at, from where I have got this news. I have also tried to get the actual TRAI’s announcement, but TRAI’s Web site was down :).

I know, we are already way too late to the party, lets hope to see all these in action pretty soon.



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