Google, you’re allowed to err but not this sort of mistakes

9 04 2008


I have been looking for a laptop quite some time now and reading reviews of various models. I wanted to know about HP’s Pavilion notebooks, went ahead and googled for ‘HP Pavilion’. To my surprise, on the result page I saw an Ad for ‘HP Pavilion’ with product description of one of the Dell’s models. I followed the link, which took me to Dell’s product page. First off, I was looking for a HP model, but Google took me to Dell’s site – possibly the worst user experience, secondly I don’t know who is being charged for the ad? Is it going to be HP or Dell? Will HP pay for an ad that actually promotes Dell? I believe this is a serious issue, which misleads the branding and it directly affects the parties hosting the ads.  Google, there are good chances for you to get sued for this sort of completely irrelevant and misleading ads. Up until now, I believed Google’s ad platform is much better and appropriate than any others on the globe, I did not really expect this sort of glitches from Google. Hey googlers, have not you ever noticed these glitches?

Here is the snapshot of what I saw…

Google Adwords Glitch





One response

9 04 2008

Hi Dude,

I guess you are not aware of the fact that Google, yahoo search engines promote web sites that hosts their ads “AdSense” or pay them to get listed on top.
These are called as Ad points. More points higher your site will be in the search.
I have known that one of my friends website was not listed in Google website even when the full website URL was given. But once he added “AdSense” it got listed in the search.
It all business dude.
“Kaasuku etha Dosai”

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