My days with Chrome

6 12 2008

I have been using Chrome as my secondary web browser since it’s been released. Yeah, you’ve got it right, I have said secondary. It lacks lot of features that has been long time available in Firefox, I can understand it’s still in beta and Google’s been working on the killer features.

What I like about Chrome is that it’s got better response time than any other browser I ve used till date. It’s insanely fast for my usage, but I personally feel it can’t be my mainstream browser unless it comes with my most used features like Keywords in bookmarks, plug-in support, toolbar support. In work days I use quite a few keywords for accessing some my official intranet information. Lack of plug-in support in Chrome makes me feel incapacitated. I also fail to understand why Chrome was not released with Google Toolbar, which I use for having my bookmarks online. I hope the next major release will have most of these features. So till then, Firefox prevails as my mainstream browser.


Google’s Chrome

2 09 2008

Chrome is Google’s open source browser, which is expected to be released today. Let’s see whether it’s going to be a yet another browser, just from Google or going to change the way how users look at the web. Find the comic created by Google.

Mobile Number Portability in India

2 08 2008

This is really a great news for Indian mobile users. I have just got to know about this through CNN-IBN. The news is that TRAI has released its plan for 3G spectrum auction and Mobile Number Portability(MNP). What that means to us is that we could change the service provider while still preserving the same number, that is you have the privilege to own the number and the number is no more bound to an operator.

From what I know, we could actually have MNP by mid of 2009, however I am very skeptical about the time line for MNP since TRAI has been speaking about this for almost two years now, yet nothing has happened. As per the today’s announcement, TRAI proposes a plan to divide the country into two zones for deploying the MNP.

The other part of the announcement is about the 3G spectrum auction. You could find more information on the announcement at, from where I have got this news. I have also tried to get the actual TRAI’s announcement, but TRAI’s Web site was down :).

I know, we are already way too late to the party, lets hope to see all these in action pretty soon.

Writing portable code

25 07 2008

I just wanted to share a problem that I have come across today when I was at work. This post is about writing portable code. To give you an example, here is the problem that I have faced, look at this code snippet in C.

someBuf = (SomeType *) malloc(length);

if (someBuf)
someBuf->someVar = x;

In the above statement, there is no check to know the validity of the length. It occurred to me that the value of the length was “0”. The C standard (ISO/IEC 9899) says,

If the size of the space requested is zero, the behavior is implementation-defined:

Either a null pointer is returned
Or the behavior is as if the size were some nonzero value, except that the returned pointer shall not be used to access an object.

In my case, the malloc returned an address(zero sized buffer), the validation on the allotted buffer was successful because someBuf was not NULL  and eventually the program core dumped since the code followed the above statement accessed object (object of size zero?). So the point I would like to make here is, it’s better to write our own wrapper functions that would make the behavior consistent across different implementations.

ELCOT’s student laptop scheme

22 07 2008

I don’t really know how many of you are aware of this piece of information, that is ELCOT (Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited) is giving out laptops for students studying in Tamil Nadu. Students (of school, college or even Correspondence courses in Universities) can avail this offer. As per information from their portal, right now they offer Acer brand laptops that are preloaded with Suse Linux Enterprise Edition 10.1 (here Linux is making it’s way to student’s life), which comes in two editions, one is fully-loaded that costs 31,717.00 INR and other one costs 29,429.00 INR. I believe prices are inclusive of all other taxes. I have gone through the configurations, it is very impressive for the price tag, however I really don’t know how good is that model in performance vise. BTW, the offer ends on July 31st, and it seems they are planned to sell only 1,00,000 laptops. So if you guys are interested please make your way to get one for yourself. More details on (also don’t forget to watch a crazy video posted out there). I would love to hear from you if you have any information on laptop’s performance. Please trackback.

Blogging Frequency

13 07 2008

Yeah I know this post is coming after a long time. Part of the reason for the change in blogging frequency is that hectic work, but the real reason is that I’m lazy, I did not manage my time well and I know that I could have regularly posted, now I have decided to blog regularly irrespective of my work / personal schedules. I look at the blogging habit as a good way of expressing oneself, making new friends, and expanding one’s social network. Lately I ‘ve been twittering, you could follow me on my twitter URL I would be pleased to be followed by y’all.

என் இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்

13 04 2008

For those who don’t know to read tamizh, wish you a happy tamizh new year.